About Us

Our daughter, Isabel, is a big fan of the Cinnamon Horchata.


Welcome to a brand new category of craft tortilla. Eureka is on a mission to create something different. Something delicious. Something with fresh, local flavors baked right in.

No longer is a the tortilla a mere vessel to transport flavors from plate to mouth. We’re making it the star of the plate, no matter how you enjoy it.

Make them a snack or make them a meal, our sweet and savory flavor combinations will exceed your expectations and spark your imagination.

Belén + Henri Revel, Founders of Eureka Tortilla


Hi. We’re Henri and Belén Revel, the husband and wife team behind Eureka Tortilla. Back in 2018, we had what you might call our “Eureka moment.” Inspired by Belén’s Latin roots and entrepreneurial spirit, along with my passion for, well, tortillas we created Eureka Tortilla!

Since 2018 we've assembled a small group of passionate industry experts and obsessive food lovers to chart new tortilla territory. They’re different. They’re delicious. And they’re packed with the freshest flavors in every bite.

Welcome to a brand-new kind of craft tortilla.

Henri and Belén Revel


With headquarters in San Francisco and a production facility in Sonoma County, Eureka Tortilla is fortunate to have roots in one of the world’s most renowned culinary epicenters.

We couldn’t do what we do without our local suppliers, producers, and distributors. We’re grateful to work with really good people who share our passion for really good food.