Our Eureka moment

We’re a family of tortilla lovers on a mission to bring more fresh flavors to everyday meals. Our Eureka moment came in 2018 when, experimenting with tortilla recipes, we pressed fresh herbs and vegetables into the dough. We noticed the tortillas themselves became the centerpiece of our meals, not just mere vessels.

That’s when our obsession really took over. Underwhelmed with existing flavored wrap options, we explored different flavor profiles using only whole, non-GMO ingredients. We consulted trusted tortilleras, and incorporated flatbread-making techniques from across cultures. And we packed all of our knowledge into traditional taco-sized tortillas for endless handheld meal and snack options.

Eureka tortillas are so full of flavor that all it takes is adding a simple topping or two. Our daughter—and No.1 taste tester—prefers nut butter on blueberry maple. We hope these tortillas will inspire your own Eureka moment!

- Henri and Belén Revel